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Maintenance Coating Your Floor

If you have existing polished timber floors in your home it is important to know how to visually inspect the condition of the coating surface on a yearly basis at the very least.

Maintenance coating timber floors 

This precautionary measure will avoid the unnecessary expense of having your timber floors require sanding back to raw timber to repair excessively worn coatings.

The depth of the finish currently sitting on your floors is your ‘wear’ layer left between your feet and the raw timber.
This wear layer will eventually thin over time, and it is in the ‘main foot traffic paths’ your family uses in your particular home.
This is perfectly natural and is nothing to be concerned about if it is monitored on a regular basis.

Where to look

The Entry:

Every home configuration is different although there are universal traffic hot spots in every dwelling such as the entry. This is the point where most of the outside grit will enter your home. Be vigilant to ensure suitable mats are present at all external doors.

Entry Maintenance coating 

The hallway:

If your home has an above average number of occupants or children, an option is to use a hall runner to eradicate this problem.

Centre of hallway

The Kitchen:

The cooking/working triangle in your kitchen between your sink, fridge and stove.

working triangle of kitchen

Under your dining room table:

This can be and usually is the first place in a home to show signs of wear. The grinding motion of dining chairs moving backwards and forwards can often cause protective felt pads applied to fail and go unnoticed for a period of time.

Dining room chair damage

Your stair treads:

This is the small area towards the centre and front of the stair treads that we mostly use when traversing the staircase.

stair tread wear and tear

The Remedy to the Problem

If you notice your floors are showing signs of wear, variations in the level of sheen, or have superficial scratches or scuffing present, it may be time to call in the Brisbane floor sanding professionals for an inspection on the current condition of the polyurethane surface sheet and to determine whether your floors would benefit from a maintenance coat.